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For more information or questions on the Humanities & Social Sciences Computing / Introduction to Electronic Resources training event, please contact Ruth Reingold, Assistant Dean for Computing Technology, WCAS or Harriet Lightman, Bibliographer, Northwestern University Library.

In order to set up backup accounts for Humanities graduate students, please make an appointment with Ray Mensah <r-mensah@northwestern.edu).

Off-campus networking: <http://www.it.northwestern.edu/off-campus.html>
This web site describes options for accessing the Northwestern University network from off-campus.

Virtual Private network (VPN): <http://www.tss.northwestern.edu/vpn/>
Northwestern University Information Technology strongly encourages off-campus users to connect to the Northwestern network via VPN to ensure computer systems security. This web site describes how to use and configure VPN for Northwestern networking.

2EAST New Technology Series: <http://2east.northwestern.edu/>
Established to promote scholarly technologies and bibliographic resource activities, 2East is made possible by the collaboration of Northwestern University Library's Digital Media Services and Collection Management and Northwestern University Information Technology's Academic Technologies. It is specifically intended for NU faculty who want to take advantage of the teaching and research capabilities of digital media, course management systems, online archives, advanced visualization technologies, electronic journals, and other emerging technologies.

The Graduate School, Northwestern University: <http://www.northwestern.edu/graduate/>

Selectors' Directory: <http://staffweb.library.northwestern.edu/cm/select.html> or click here for PDF version. This web page provides a list of selectors with their responsible selection subject areas.

2002 Humanities Computing/ Introduction to Electronic Resources

2003 Humanities Computing/ Introduction to Electronic Resources

"A Web of Wonder," by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein (GJ03). Northwestern Magazine, Fall 2004 Issue, pages 22-30.

On Page 27 of the above article, the side bar section "On the Web" lists some of the web sites Northwestern faculty, staff, and students have created.