Equipment Checkout

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NU faculty, graduate students and staff can now check out equipment from the Digital Collections department.  

Undergraduate equipment checkout is available from the Circulation desk in the library.  View the equipment available or call 491-7633 or email:

Loan Period:

The standard loan period is up to 72 hours. Longer loan durations will be approved in special circumstances.  If you need a longer check out time, please submit an email request to

Our equipment:

How to Borrow Equipment:

1.  Please read our Guidelines.  Contact us with questions at 847-467-1080 or
2. Reserve Equipment:  Request equipment via email to OR phone 847.467.1080.  The email or phone request requires your full name, telephone, email address, NU affiliation, equipment requested, purpose of the loan (course/non-course), and date and time of requested pickup. 
Reservations can be made up to one month in advance.  We recommend making a reservation at least one week prior to the date the equipment is needed.  You will receive an email confirmation when your request is approved.  
Because our equipment is limited, we can not keep recurring reservations.  
3.  Equipment Training:  Before your first equipment loan, you must complete 10-minute in-person training, which should be scheduled with a Digital Collections staff person.  
4.  Equipment Pick Up:  Pick up your equipment at the Digital Collections Department in Library 2east on time.  Equipment may be no longer be available after one hour from your scheduled pick up time. You must bring your Wildcard with you.
5. Sign Lending Agreement:  Digital Collections staff will give you a lending agreement to sign including the specific day and time your equipment must be returned. Digital Collections staff will go through the equipment checklist to insure all components are included. Proxy users will not be permitted.  
6. Return On Time:  Late fines begin accruing as soon as the deadline for returning equipment passes. You will receive daily emails until the equipment is returned.  All files must be transfer from the device prior to returning equipment.  Any files left on the devices will be removed by the Digital Collections department staff.  
7.  Return Receipt:  When you return the equipment, Digital Collections staff will inspect all components for visual damage and give you a receipt of return upon completion.