Repository and Digital Curation Staff

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Carolyn Caizzi
Acting Department Head
(847) 467-3898


Laura Alagna

Curt Bozif
Multimedia Services Assistant
(847) 467-1060


Debs Cane


Paul Clough


Steve DiDomenico

Stefan Elnabli
Moving Image and Sound Preservation Specialist
(847) 467-4142
Nicole Finzer
Visual Resources Librarian
(847) 467-1666

Michael Klein


Jennifer Lindner

Tom O'Connell
Multimedia Services Assistant
(847) 467-4760

Dru Parrish

Julie Patton
Digital Projects Librarian
(847) 467-2354

Brendan Quinn

Julie Rudder
Digital Initiatives Project Manager
(847) 467-0824
  Helenmary Sheridan
Digital Production Assistant
(847) 491-8022

Chris Syversen


Jennifer Young

Dan Zellner
Multimedia Services Specialist
(847) 467-1399