Environmental Monitoring

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The Environmental Monitoring Program was established to assist in maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels within the Library.  Maintaining recommended levels of temperature and humidity are crucial to prevent the further deterioration of paper materials, control mold outbreaks, and inhibit pest infestations.  

The Environmental Monitoring Program consists of collecting data from PEM2 dataloggers, inputting and analyzing the data using Climate Notebook software, producing detailed quarterly reports, and working with Campus Facilities to address any problems.

Data is collected from 28 locations within Deering, Main, Seeley G. Mudd Library as well as the Library Storage Facility (LSF). Below is a list of the locations of environmental monitors:

  • Deering Library
    • Archives (3 monitors)
    • Special Collections (4 monitors, one for each floor)
    • Music (5 monitors, including an A/V materials storage room, the Reiner Room and the Manuscript/Cage Room)
    • Government Information (2 monitors)
    • Art Collection (1 monitor)
  • Main Library
    • Reference
    • Core Collection (5th Floor South Tower)
    • Compact Storage
    • Multimedia
    • Africana (Arabic Room, Winterton Room, Room 5770)
    • Transportation
  • Science and Engineering Library
    • 1st floor
    • 3rd floor
  • Library Storage Facility
    • Archives Room
    • Main Room (2 monitors)

The following links provide additional information about environmental data collection and analysis: