Repository and Digital Curation (formerly Digital Collections)

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Repository and Digital Curation advances the University's teaching and research mission by providing digitization services and support to Northwestern faculty and graduate students. We partner with other Library and University departments to provide these services and to undertake special digitization projects that bring Northwestern's unique and rare collections to researchers around the world.

The department is responsible for the development and administration of the Library's digital repository. This repository provides the infrastructure for preserving and making accessible digital content on a wide variety of web sites, including Repository | Images, Repository | Audio+Video and other digitized collections.

PLEASE NOTE: On September 1, 2015, the Digital Media Lab space will be repurposed and the equipment will be moved downstairs to the Information Commons. Repository and Digital Curation staff may remove equipment before that date for maintenance and repair, so lab users are advised to back up their files instead of keeping them on lab computers. If you would like to check equipment availability for a long-term project, please email Repository and Digital Curation front desk staff at If you have questions about the services at the Information Commons, please contact the Library Ombudsman at