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Alphabetically listed by last name
  • Steve Adams, Life Sciences and Liaison for Environmental Studies
  • Ann Aler, Geospatial and Cartographic Resources Specialist
  • Cunera Buys, E-Science Librarian
  • Charlotte Cubbage, Learning Services Librarian and Liaison for English, Radio/TV/Film, Dance, Drama, Performance Studies, & Theatre
  • John Dorr, Assistant Head of Research and Information Services and Liaison for French & Italian, Spanish & Portguese
  • Nicole Finzer, Visual Resources Librarian
  • Bruce Foster, SSCC Architect, Academic and Research Technologies
  • Scott Garton, Head, Branch and Off-Campus Services and Liaison for Anthropology
  • Charmaine Henriques, Government Information Librarian
  • John Hernandez,  Web & Mobile Services Librarian and Liaison for Economics, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Latina/o Studies
  • Josh Honn, Digital Scholarship Library Fellow
  • Qiana Johnson, Librarian, Branch and Off-Campus Services Department and Liaison for the School of Continuing Studies
  • Jason Kruse, Undergraduate Services Librarian and Liaison for Sociology
  • Li (Qunying) Li, East Asian Studies Librarian and Liaison for Education & Social Policy
  • Harriet Lightman, Head, Research and Information Services and Liaison for History
  • Gregory MacAyeal, Assistant Head of Music Library
  • William McHugh, General / Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator, Reference Collection Management Librarian, and Liaison for Classics and Philosophy
  • Geoffrey Morse, Humanities and Social Sciences Coordinator and Liaison for Religion and Linguistics
  • Jeannette Moss, User Education Librarian and Liaison for Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Janet Olson, Assistant University Archivist
  • M. Claire Stewart, Head, Digital Collections and Scholarly Communication Services