Web Technologies Department

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The Web Technologies Department (WTD) continues to:
  • manage, develop and explore new digital and technology solutions related to web, and mobile library services;
  • update and support library websites;
  • analyze statistics and generate library webpage usage reports; and
  • manage web servers and databases related to library web and mobile services.


  • Chris Syversen, Senior Software Developer

These are some of the projects we have undertaken recently:

Northwestern University Library

Northwestern University Library Website

The Public Website is available for the patrons to browse library materials, find books, look for news and events. Services include course reserves, interlibrary loan, uBorrow, renew materials, research consultations and subject specialists. Popular links on the public website include NUcat (library catalog), e-Journals, articles, all databases and the book location guide. The public website lists on-going and upcoming events throughout the library on its homepage, while it's also a portal to the work of various departments of the NU Library.This website is hosted and was created by the Northwestern University Library Web Technologies Department based on Drupal 6.  

Mobile Native App (iOS--iPhone & iPad)

This application allows iPhone and iPad users to connect to Northwestern University Library services and resources on the go. Features include a library resources search, call number location guide, computer lab availability listing, my account features, library hours, library calendar, library locations. Additionally, the application allows users to post a resource to their Facebook wall or to "Check In" to the library using Foursquare. This application was developed by the Northwestern University Library Web Technologies Department on Titanium Studio.

Mobile Web App

We have been actively working on furthering the accessibility of our website across platforms by making it compatible with different devices. At this stage, we have designed and rolled out a responsive mobile version of the Northwestern University Library website to supplement our iOS app. It can be viewed on any device at m.library.northwestern.edu.

Equipment Database

Equipment Database

The equipment database contains inventory records for computer hardware and software that is owned by the Northwestern University Library and NU Press. You may view the records in a variety of ways by selecting from the menu choices on the left hand side of your screen. The available database functions are:

  • Device List – Allows you to browse through records in the database and edit existing records.
  • Add new record – Allows you to create a new database record.
  • Advanced Searching – Allows you to run a query on the database and display the results on the screen or download the results to your own computer.
Student Jobs

Student Jobs website

Students are now able to submit applications online. A notification system was created so both website administrators and library student staff supervisors are alerted when a new application is submitted. In addition, a supervisor view was created to edit, change, and update the job application and status. A job status webpage was created to allow students to review the status of open positions for the quarter. Students are also able to email a job posting or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. The Library Personnel Office coordinates the hiring process for all available positions in the 32 departments at the Library. Our positions are hourly wage job with available hours ranging from 5 – 20 hours during the school year and 5 – 37.5 hours during the summer. Applications can be submitted for three positions each quarter.



StaffWeb is an employee-facing website that highlights new employees, employee information, and accomplishments. Through this website people are able to submit request forms if they encounter difficulty with a webpage, to read minutes from meetings, to find step-by-step directions on how to navigate the website.

This website is hosted and was created by the Northwestern University Library Web Technologies Department based on Drupal 6.

Imagination Without Borders

Imagination Without Borders introduces the work of Japanese visual artist TOMIYAMA Taeko and, to a lesser extent, the paintings and prints of MARUKI Toshi & MARUKI Iri and Eleanor RUBIN.  This website, like the book it accompanies, lays out the historical and biographical context in which this art emerged but, like all successful creative endeavors, has the potential to open out in many different directions.  Viewers are invited to engage with the images as they wish. This website was created by the Northwestern University Library in partnership wtih Laura Hein, Modern Japanese History Professor at Northwestern University.

This website is hosted and was created by the Northwestern University Library, Web Technologies Department based on Drupal 6.

Classicizing Chicago

Classicizing Chicago

The Classicizing Chicago project gathers archival material about Chicago’s relationship with classical antiquity and publishes interpretations of it. site contains a web-based collection of material related to classical antiquity and the city of Chicago. Classicizing Chicago is a collaborative research effort,
In the longer term, we hope to partner with friends in other cities to create a network of ‘Classicizing Cities’ on the internet, so that we can compare archival sources, and consider the variety of engagements with antiquity in communities across the US, as well as Canada and Mexico.

This website is hosted and was created by the Northwestern University Library Web Technologies Department based on Drupal 7.

Islamic Africa Journal

Islamic Africa Journal

The Islamic Africa Journal is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, academic journal published by Northwestern University Press in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA), based at Northwestern University, Evanston. It covers more than 200 million Muslims in Africa. Islamic Africa promotes interaction between scholars of Islam and Africa across all continents and across historical periods.

This website is hosted and was created by the Northwestern University Library Web Technologies Department based on Drupal 7 Link2 Link.