FAQ - Librarians

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What is the selection process?
  1. To broaden the personnel decision-making process, NUL has adopted a consultative model of selection for librarian recruitments. 
  2. The key element in the selection process is the search committee.  It provides for a broad range of opinion and objective consideration of applicants' qualifications, as well as participation by interested constituencies within the Library and the Northwestern University community. 
  3. Finalists recommended by the search committee are usually invited for an in person interview, which provides candidates with the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of library staff and gives the candidate a clearer view of the institution. 
  4. Librarian appointments are made by the University Librarian, based on the recommendations of the search committee, the supervisor of the position, and others. 
  5. These appointments are subject to approval by the Provost. 
What happens when my resume/curriculum vitae is received?
  • An acknowledgement letter is e-mailed
  • An Equal Employment Opportunity electronic form is e-mailed
  • An interview is scheduled once a selection has been made by the Search Committee
  • Applicants not chosen for the position are notified


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