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Job Title Department Hourly Wage Hours Evening Hours Posted
Access Services- Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan Aide Access Services - Resource Sharing $8.75 per hour 6-8 No 12/16/2014 (All day)
Africana- Periodicals Aide Africana Collections $8.75 per hour 10-15 No 12/09/2014 (All day)
Archival Aide University Archives $8.50 per hour 5-15 No 12/08/2014 (All day)
Art Collection Assistant Art Collection $8.75 per hour 8-10 Yes 12/10/2014 (All day)
Digital Collections Front Desk and Lab Aide LTD Digital Collections $10.50 per hour 8-10 No 11/14/2014 (All day)
Digital Collections Lab Consultant LTD Digital Collections $10.50 per hour 8-12 No 12/08/2014 (All day)
Digital Collections Text Digitization Assistant LTD Digital Collections $10.50 per hour 8-12 No 09/24/2014 (All day)
FOSM Security Student Assistant FOSM - Exit/Security $10.50 per hour 12-20 Yes 12/15/2014 (All day)
Music Library and Listening Center Circulation Assistant Music Library $8.75 per hour 10-15 Yes 12/08/2014 (All day)
Special Collections Aide McCormick Library of Special Collections $8.25 per hour 37.5 No 12/08/2014 (All day)
Web Development Aide User Experience $14.00 per hour 15-20 No 09/19/2014 (All day)