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Job Title Department Hourly Wage Hours Evening Hours Posted Short Description
Univ. Archives - Archival Aide Distinctive Collections $8.75 per hour 5-15 No 08/03/2015 :00am Process archival collections and work on major archiving projects.
Access Services - Mudd- Weekend Student Supervisor Access Services Department $10.50 per hour 4 Yes 08/04/2015 :00am Responsible for opening the Library on Saturday and Sundays; assist patrons with check out of library materials; discharge and re-shelve returned books and other duties.
Access Services - Mudd Library Student Aide Access Services Department $9.75 per hour 8-10 Yes 08/03/2015 :00am You will check out books, reserve materials and other items for patron; reshelve books; shelf read; monitor the entrance and exit gates and other duties as assigned.
Access Services Circulation Aide Access Services Department $9.75 per hour 8-15 Yes 08/04/2015 :00am
Access Services-Mudd-Late Night Circulation Aide Access Services Department $10.50 per hour 3-6 Yes 08/04/2015 :00am Assist late-night supervisor in staffing Mudd Library service desk and closing the library at 3:00 AM.
Art Library Aide Art Collection $8.75 per hour 8-10 Yes 08/04/2015 :00am Support the research needs of Art History, Art Theory and Practice, and other arts and humanities departments.
Digital Collections Consultant Digital Collections $10.50 per hour 8-12 No 08/04/2015 :00am If you know Photoshop, iMovie, iDVD and Quicktime then this job is for you.
Digital Collections Text Digitization Assistant Digital Collections $10.50 per hour 8-12 No 08/25/2015 :00am Your responsibilities will be digitizing library materials for online use by students, faculty and others and other duties as assigned.
FOSM Entrance/Exit Assistant (Mornings & Afternoons) Facilities Operations & Stacks Management $9.75 per hour 20-22.5 No 08/13/2015 :00am Serves as the first point of contact when patrons enter the Main Library and provides a welcoming presence.
FOSM Exit/Entrance Attendant Facilities Operations & Stacks Management $8.75 per hour 4-16 Yes 08/03/2015 :00am Staff the Main Library Exit Desk and ensure that all library materials are properly check out.
FOSM Security Student Assistant Facilities Operations & Stacks Management $10.50 per hour 6-20 Yes 08/20/2015 :00am You will be a part of the security staff which provides a safe, secure environment at the Northwestern University Library.
Library IT Infrastructure Aide Technology Support Services $10.50 per hour 10-15 No 08/04/2015 :00am You will be working with computer hardware and desktop support in the IT Infrastructure department.
Music Library and Listening Center Circulation Aide Music Library $8.75 per hour 8-15 Yes 08/04/2015 :00am You will assist in re-shelving music scores, music books and sound recordings; shelf read book for accuracy along with other duties as assigned.
RIS - Graduate Student Assistant, Social Science Data Services Research & Information Services $10.50 per hour 8-12 No 08/10/2015 :00am Provide quantitative support to users of statistical analysis software (R, Stata, SAS and/or SPSS), answering technical questions about data formatting and data analysis methods.
Special Collection Aide Special Collections & Archives $8.25 per hour 8-12 No 08/19/2015 :00am Duties include shelving, paging, word processing, on-line searching, archival sorting and special projects. Training includes bibliographic skills.
User Experience-Info Commons Student Consultant User Experience $8.75 per hour 10-12 Yes 08/03/2015 :00am A public-oriented job assisting patrons in use of the library and answering directional and informational questions in person and by phone.