Computer Workstations

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The University Library provides computer workstations to facilitate access to collections, information, and services in support of the teaching, learning and research missions of the University; they are intended for non-commercial use or educational purposes only. Those currently affiliated with Northwestern University have priority for workstation use.  

Persons other than NU students, faculty and staff may use designated library computer workstations with temporary guest NetID logins issued at selected service desks. During periods of high demand, computer workstation access to non-university users may be further restricted. During such times, members of the public can access electronic resources from government websites in the Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department. 

All University Library users assume responsibility for using provided computer workstations in a manner in compliance with state and federal laws and University policies outlined in “Rights and Responsibilities for the Use of Central Network and Computing Resources at Northwestern University,” “Expectations of Privacy," and "Prohibited Use of Electronic Resources for Threats, Harassment, and Pornography​."

 Violators may be denied access to computer workstations and may be subject to legal or University action.  Users are expected to respect privacy and diversity, and to be thoughtful about viewing material that may be offensive to other users.