Printing Refund

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The library provides no cash refunds for printing.

The library will, however, issue reprints under the following circumstances ...

Eligibility for a reprint:

  • Paper jam
  • Low toner
  • Gobbledygook (nonsense) printing
  • Print sent, but not released
  • In short, any equipment or system error.

Why would you NOT be eligible for a reprint?

  • Too many pages
  • Misspelled words
  • Wrong page numbers
  • Printed the wrong document
  • In short, anything you could have checked first in the "Print Preview."

For Card Reader Problems:

In case of a card reader problem, the WildCard Office will issue electronic refunds onto copycards or WildCards. If you are eligible for and want a refund for card reader problems, you must first ...

  • Report the problem to the Information Commons Desk.
  • Fill out a refund receipt.
  • Go to the WildCard Office, located in the Norris University Center.