Policy on Retention of Challenged Materials

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It is the policy of the Northwestern University Library that books, journal articles, or other channels of scholarly communication acquired as part of the Library's collections will not subsequently be withdrawn based on allegations of false, misleading, pejorative, defamatory, or potentially harmful information.

Errata sheets and corrigenda, issued by the publisher and included with the text or received shortly thereafter will be tipped into the work. Subsequent updates, corrections, reviews, or letters of caution, whether issued by the author, published, or third party will not be added to the text nor referenced in the cataloging record or other links to the item. The Library will continue to acquire subsequent editions because they are not contained under these caveats.

The Library understands that authors may, intentionally or inadvertently, misstate facts, reach erroneous conclusions, or make claims that may, in fact or in perception, be hurtful to individuals, or lead future researchers astray. It is not the task of the Library to verify or validate the contents of what it acquires, but it is to make research available for review, rebuttal, substantiation, support, or further inquiry.

It is the position of the University Library that claims and counterclaims are the essence of what is protected as academic freedom and that the Library has no role mediating these interchanges. Our policy is that materials in the Library stand as published