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ARRB Knowledge Base Milestone

The ARRB Knowledge Base, created by the ARRB Group’s MG Lay Library under the National Interest Services (NIS) program in August 2014, has now surpassed 10,000 full text searchable files.

Initially developed as a repository of reports, conference papers and journal articles published by ARRB over the course of the last 50+ years (now numbering almost 8,000) the ARRB Library has expanded the content base by seeking permission from a range of entities to digitise/include material not currently available online.

Recent additions include: 

NAASRA/Austroads archive: over 400 items, complementing the current material on the Austroads online publications website
Materials technology research reports: over 100 items with permission of the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
ARRB internal report (AIR) series: over 1000 items, making the majority of this series publicly available 

The ARRB Knowledge Base is a collaborative project. Thank you to those entities who have granted permission for their material to be added to the ARRB Knowledge Base and in some cases also provided files.  Thank you also to libraries who have offered assistance with supplying material, including Main Roads Western Australia who supplied selected NAASRA material they had already digitized. 

A detailed list of material in the ARRB Knowledge Base is available here

The ARRB Knowledge Base has attracted over 3000 visits and 900 file downloads in the present December 2015 quarter. The ARRB Library continues to work with TRB (thanks Lisa Loyo and Bill McLeod) to amend links to existing TRID records so that a pathway is provided to the ARRB Knowledge Base.

The ARRB Library welcomes feedback on the ARRB Knowledge Base and suggestions/offers of content.

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