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Northwestern University

Library Exam Relief

Starting Monday, March 9 we will be keeping the library doors open and won’t close them until March 20 at 5pm.

While you’re toiling away in the library for those long stretches don’t forget to take a little time for yourself. When you’re feeling overwhelmed put away your brain for a few minutes and pick up a crayon in 1South at the Library’s exam relief coloring station. As Finals close in, stop by the New Book Alcove, AKA: 1st floor Orange Book Nook for a little extra relief:

Sunday, March 15th: 7pm-9pm - 5 Minute Massages

Monday, March 16th: 9pm-11pm - Popcorn and Mario Kart

What about those wee hours? Well, you never know. The fabled Snack Trolley of Happiness might just show up just when you need it most.

And remember: You never need to research alone! If you’re looking for books or articles for that paper, just Ask Us!

Share your coloring pages and get updates on the weeks activities:

Facebook /NorthwesternLibrary
Instagram: @nu_library
Twitter: @nu_library

Need to take a break from the library? Stop in Norris and recharge!

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