Laptop Safety

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Laptop portability is its greatest asset and greatest weakness.

Here are some general tips to help ensure the physical safety of laptops:
•Write down the manufacturer, model, and serial number of your laptop and file this information.
•Do not walk away from your laptop, even for "a minute". If you must sleep while you're studying in the library, sleep on the laptop.
•Do not leave valuables in common areas or ask strangers to watch them for you.
•Secure your laptop with a cable lock - they're available for checkout from the Circulation Desk and from Core/Reserve in 2 North!

Treat your laptop like cash
Would you leave cash on a desk and walk away, even for just a minute?  When in any public place, including the library, keep the same watchful eye on your laptop as you would on your cash.

Make sure your laptop is identifiable
A relatively low-cost measure is to identify your laptop to make its recovery easier and resale harder. There are a number of solutions available to identify your laptop.
Tools are available to permanently engrave or brand serial numbers, company names, and logos onto a laptop.
Tamper-resistant tags can be applied to the laptop to identify it. One well-known anti-theft tag is the Stop Tag. The manufacturer of the Stop Tag states that it takes 800 pounds of pressure to remove this tag.
Make your laptop look unique.  There will be less opportunity for someone to use the excuse that they thought your laptop was theirs. Often, unique identifying marks such as stickers, also make the laptop more difficult to resell.

Time is of the essence
In the event that your laptop is stolen, please report it immediately to University Police at 847-491-3456.

Here is a brochure on computer security from University IT.