Tips on Personal Safety

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Be especially aware of your surroundings at times when you may be less alert and more vulnerable to an attack (e.g., during periods of stress) when you are upset or sick.

Use discretion and caution when taking shortcuts through isolated parts of the campus.

If you must be in an isolated area (e.g., working or studying alone in labs or offices) lock the doors and tell a friend where you are and when you plan to leave.

Know the location of campus emergency telephones on routes to and from campus destinations.

Keep personal belongings in view while eating, meeting, or shopping on campus.

Whenever you are on campus or off, and see or hear someone who might be in trouble, your options include running, yelling, confronting, and calling the Police Department (9-1-1).

Learn self-defense techniques.

Plan ahead and use SafeRide which is a service provided to members of the Northwestern community as a safe and free alternative to walking alone after dark.