Library Facts

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Northwestern University Libraries Fast Facts 2011/2012
10th in holdings investment among U.S. private universities
Annual expenditures: $25,812,704 at NUL; $32,028,567 including Galter and Law
Open 122 hours per week/ average
Fast facts about Collections:  Combined Total for NUL, Galter and Law 
5,597,024 print and electronic volumes
4,644,829 microforms
19,845 linear feet of archives and manuscripts
211,215 maps
685,197 graphic images
70,707 audio files
38,564 film and video
137,446 journals and serials of which almost 90% include electronic access
63 terabytes of unique digital content (NUL-produced)
Fast facts about Services to Students and Faculty 
670 classes and presentations reaching 9,398 students
23,444 reference questions answered
210,350 books circulated (not including renewals)
43,182 items sent to other libraries; 39,278 items received from other libraries
6,337,525 successful full text article requests
7,174,510 pages viewed on the Library website
1,788,088 visitors to the Library website from around the world
Fast Facts about Cataloging and Acquisitions  
91,944 printed books and 69,375 e-books added through purchase and gift (main library only)
65.6% of acquisitions expenditures are now for electronic materials
2,320 microforms added
84 maps added
2,344 films and videos added
23,058 volumes bound
6,659 volumes given conservation treatment
3,193 volumes mass deacidified
Fast facts about NUL Buildings 
21 staffed service points
350 public computers (est.)
455,300 usable sq. feet of space in Evanston, and 113,700 in Chicago
15,000-17,000 usable sq. feet of high-density secondary storage -- facility constructed in FY11
Fast Facts about Staff 
131 professional staff
137 support staff
94 FTE student staff
306 staff at NUL; 362 total including Galter and Law
Northwestern University Library in Qatar: 
4 staff, 18,194 items (including books, journals, and 7,765 videos and DVDs)
Opened in Fall of 2008.  Planned final size about 35,000 items in 13,000 nsf