Illinois' Indigenous Peoples: Histories of Checagou, Home of Black Hawk

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Click on this map to learn more about Illinois ceded lands to the U.S.

Illinois' Indigenous Peoples: Histories of Checagou, Home of Black Hawk is the Fall 2010 exhibit welcoming students and faculty back to NU's Government Information and Data Services Department (location map below - click to enlarge.)

Available for sale & downloading fromIL DNRHighlighting resources which document the lives of native Americans who both welcomed and battled European settlement from the 1600's until the Treaty of Chicago of 1833, the exhibit features the original Black Hawk - a man who found it impossible to live in the two worlds that were converging in one place; a place his people called Checagou.  A copy of his autobiography is held in NU Special Collections.  2000 Census Data on display includes, American Indian Business Ownership and Health statistics. The exhibit contains a booklet from the Illinois State Museum describing doll and cradleboard crafting as well as a modern book exploring the topic of "Indian" named sports teams, mascots and logos.

GovinfoSeveral custom maps were created including an image of the US Serial Set showing Ceded Lands of Native Tribes of Illinois, census data, and graphics which map the migration of many tribal nations to lands in Oklahoma.  The exhibit also features brochures from Evanston's Mitchell Museum of the American Indian (link).   Please stop by and explore our selections from the library's varied collection and get a glimpse into the histories of Illinois' Indigenous Peoples.

Also, please visit the American Indians Studies website to check out related events and courses offered at Northwestern!


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Ann Aler, Chieko Maene and Sui Zhang
Curators of Illinois' Indigenous Peoples
Last updated: September 28, 2010