Hidden Treasures: Before he became "Dr. Seuss"

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What is it? This is Ann: She’s Dying to Meet You, a U.S. Army publication about malaria prevention for World War II troops stationed in the tropics, written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel before he became Dr. Seuss. “Ann” is an Anopheles mosquito whose trade, according to the pamphlet, is “dishing out malaria.”

Where is it? Government and Geographic Data and Information Services

Why do we have it? As a U.S. Depository Library for the past 150 years, Northwestern receives copies of most government publications. Its World War II collection is especially rich because a past librarian persistently sought out supplementary publications.

Who uses it? No one has ever specifically requested the publication, but it was part of a 2006 Library exhibit on social hygiene.