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Faculty Projects

Classicizing Chicago

The Classicizing Chicago Project tracks the way elements of ancient Greece and Rome inform expressions of Chicago’s distinctive identity as an American global metropolis. It does so through two open access digital resources. ATLAS  is a developing collection of short, illustrated features that exhibit the diversity of uses of classical antiquity in Chicago history and today. The Bosher Collection  is a searchable database of the performances of Greek and Roman drama on Chicago stages. 


Imagination Without Borders

This website introduces the work of Japanese visual artist Tomiyama Taeko and, to a lesser extent, the paintings and prints of Maruki Toshi & Maruki Iri and Eleanor Rubin.


The Chicago Homer

The Chiago Homer is a multilingual database that uses the search and display capabilities of electronic texts to make the distinctive features of Early Greek epic accessible to readers with and without Greek. It includes English and German translations, in particular Lattimore's translation of the Iliad, Daryl Hine's translations of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, and the German translations of the Iliad and Odyssey by Johan Heinrich Voss.


Anatomy of Gender

The Anatomy of Gender explores this relationship between sex, gender and images of dissection in Renaissance and early modern European anatomical texts, ca. 1540-1800. This website was erected to accompany the exhibition The Anatomy of Gender: Arts of the Body in Early Modern Europe at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art.

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