Current Africana Exhibits

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Currently on display in the Herskovits Library:


"African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean: Culture, Resistance and Survivial," curated by Rita Wilkenfeld, is currently on display in the foyer of the Herskovits Library (5E).

The exhibit is free and open to the public daily during business hours through March 28.


 Previous exhibits available online:

African Cartoon Art
African Cartoon Art:
Voices and Visions

African Environments
From Wet to Dry:
Critical Environments of Africa

Viruses, Past and present
The Latest Generation
of African Writers

Viruses, Past and present
Viruses, Past and Present:
Outbreaks and Responses

Militant Islam in Africa
Militant Islam in Africa: A Case Study
of Nigeria and Boko Haram

Apartheid to Democracy
Apartheid to Democracy:
20 Years of Transition in South Africa

Abolition of the British Slave Trade
Abolition of the British Slave Trade, 1807

African Fashion
African Fashion

World AIDS Day 2006 Poster Video
World AIDS Day

Communities Uniting to Confront HIV/AIDS in Africa
Communities Uniting
to Confront HIV/AIDS in Africa