IGOs and NGOs

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An intergovernmental organization (IGO) is a structure based on a formal instrument of agreement between nations (e.g. the United Nations, the EU).

A non-governmental organization (NGO)

is a group whose members are individuals or associations (e.g. the International Committee of the Red Cross).

For a comprehensive description about the origin, structure, and growth of NGOs, please see Peter Willetts' excellent "What is a Non-Governmental Organization?"
There are thousands of IGOs and NGOs. The Union of International Associations (an NGO itself) edits the annual publication Yearbook of International Organizations. The Yearbook is a comprehensive directory of IGOs and NGOs, and provides contact information and a description of the work of the organization. It indexes organizations by subject. The Yearbook is available in the Main Reference department and in Gov Info Reference. The call number is 341.05 Y38.
The International Documents Collection contains the publications of approximately 25 IGOs and a few NGOs. The International Information Librarian maintains a guide with a comprehensive list of links to IGO web sites. Although the International Information Librarian also maintains a guide that links to foreign government web sites, the collection does not contain the publications or documents of foreign governments.
For more information about NGOs, please see Duke University Libraries' excellent NGO Research Guide.
IGOs and NGOs whose publications are included in the International Documents Collection
  1. Asian Development Bank
  2. Center for UN Reform (an NGO)
  3. Commonwealth of Independent States
  4. Council of Europe
  5. European Union (depository since 1970)
  6. Food and Agriculture Organization
  7. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (an NGO)
  8. Inter-American Development Bank
  9. International Chamber of Commerce (an NGO)
  10. International Labour Organization
  11. International Monetary Fund
  12. International Maritime Organization
  13. International Organization for Migration
  14. League of Nations
  15. Organization of American States (quasi-depository since 1962)
  16. Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
  1. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  2. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
  3. Pan American Health Organization
  4. United Nations documents (depository since 1946)
  5. United Nations sales publications
  6. United Nations Children's Fund
  7. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  8. United Nations Human Settlement Programme
  9. United Nations University Press
  10. World Health Organization
  11. World Bank
  12. World Meteorological Organization
  13. World Peace Foundation (an NGO)
  14. World Trade Organization
  15. World Tourism Organization (depository since 2002)