Materials & Depository Library

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Documents, Publications and Depository Library Status

 The international collection can be divided into 3 types of materials: documents, publications and statistics.

  • IGO documents, like those of the UN, EU, and OAS are not cataloged. Documents can be located using different print and online indexes unique to each organization. IGO documents deal with the internal workings of the organization, for example, a debate of the UN Security Council.
  • IGO publications are produced for the public. IGOs publish information about their work or the work they intend to do. IGO publications (like those of the WTO, IMF, and World Bank) are cataloged in NUsearch. They can describe and evaluate problems and offer policy suggestions. Often these publications offer case studies of nations who are members of the organization. An example of an IGO publication is China and the WTO: Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction Strategies.
  • IGOs produce comparable international statistics. Statistical publications can be found in NUsearch and are either in print or online. IGOs publish statistics on a wide variety of topics. An example of an IGO statistical publication is World Development Indicators, an annual publication of the World Bank.
A depository library receives the information produced by an organization as part of a formal agreement. Gov Info has been a depository of the United Nations since 1946, the Organization of the American States since 1962, the European Union since 1970, and the World Tourism Organization since 2002. In addition, the department purchases sales publications from those organizations and over twenty other IGOs.