SSDS Policies

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Data Use

Data sets are subject to copyright and most data sets are licensed for use by current students, faculty and staff of Northwestern University, for academic and personal research only. You may not share data with anyone not authorized to use them. By using these data sets you are agreeing to be bound by the University's guidelines with regards to use of Information Technology resources and relevant guidelines with regards to intellectual property rights. In the case of data sets with special confidentiality or other restrictions, an additional agreement must be signed before the data are made available for use. Violation of such an agreement will be viewed as a breech of academic integrity and ethical standards.

Using SSDS Computers

The Government Information Unit where the SSDS is located is equipped with computers with statistical and word processing software, CD burners and a scanner. Library patrons are welcome to use these resources, however, priority for use of the SSDS computers is given to patrons needing data or statistical consulting help.

Personal Information

Patrons may be asked to fill out a brief form when they use our services. This allows us to monitor usage patterns, correct any problems and adjust service hours if necessary. Information is kept confidential and used for administrative purposes only.


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