Borrowing Materials

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Library Cards

Current Northwestern University WildCARDS or other NU barcoded IDs serve as library cards for students, faculty and staff to check out items from the Mitchell Multimedia Center's collections.

Loan information

Printable version of the Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center loan policies

The Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center's collection (40,000+ titles) of videos, bound guides, and CDs all circulate. Laserdiscs do not circulate.

The loan period for Northwestern University (NU) faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, staff, and all patrons in special borrowers categories who have a valid NU WildCARD or borrower's card is seven (7) days.

A maximum of five (5) items (i.e. VHS reels, DVD discs, and bound guides) may be checked out to undergraduate students, staff and special borrowers during any given seven 7 day loan period, and may be renewed 1 time. Northwestern University faculty and graduate students on the Evanston campus may check out a maximum of 15 items during any given 7 day loan period, and may be renewed 4 times.

All media must be checked out to a user regardless of the viewing location, including the Multimedia Center's viewing carrels and group viewing rooms.  Users are responsible for returning media items.

Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center items are subject to Holds and staff-mediated Recalls.

HOLDS:  Items in the collection can be put on Hold from the Multimedia Center service counter on level 2 of the South Tower, or from Main Circulation on level 1 of the library.  Items are on Hold at Main Circulation for 3 days. 

RECALLS:  Staff-mediated Recalled items do not change the original due date of the item, but if an item is Recalled, it must be returned on or before the original due date.  Library privileges will be blocked if a Recalled item is not returned by the due date.  Fines are assessed for overdue Recalled items at the rate of $1.00 per item, per day.

RENEWALS:  Undergraduate students, staff, and special borrowers have a 1-time online renewal of Multimedia Center materials.  Northwestern University faculty and graduate students onthe Evanston campus have 4 online renewals of Multimedia Center materials.  Once the Renewal liimit is met, the item(s) can be brought into the library in person to be checked out again.

Who Can Borrow

Printable version who can borrow from the Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center