Multimedia Collection Guides

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The Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center provides archived collection guides in both non-circulating hard copy available in the Center and here online.  These guides were compiled in past years and then retained for reference use for patron convenience.  All titles in the collection can be searched and located via the Library's search tool, NUsearch, on its homepage.

The Multimedia Center's circulating collection has four main facets:

Documentary films

Titles in the documentary film collection may cover all subject areas and are selected to support the instruction and research needs of the faculty and students. English language material predominates, with little foreign language material in the collection. Preference is given to materials that have been reviewed favorably, will significantly enhance learning, and are likely to be of interest to multiple faculty members. Television news specials and other titles that are in the public domain (political conventions, Presidential debates and speeches, etc.) are collected on a comprehensive basis.

Archived Guides to Select Documentaries (in PDF format, requiring Acrobat Reader)

Performing Arts

Performing Arts titles are acquired in the broad categories of drama, opera and classical music, and dance. Titles in these categories are acquired at varying rates, reflecting instructional needs. Instructional or training titles in the performing arts are not purchased.

Archived Guides to the Performing Arts (in PDF format, requiring Acrobat Reader)

Feature Films and Television

These collections supports the Radio/TV/Film department in the School of Communication as well as a broad range of courses in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (WCAS). The collection covers the chronological period from silent films to to the present, including television.

Archived Guides to Feature Films and Television (in PDF format, requiring Acrobat Reader)

Spoken Word Recordings

The Multimedia Center has an older collection of approximately 5,000 spoken word recordings. The collection covers a wide range of drama, poetry, and prose recordings. All of the titles have been cataloged and re-formatted onto the audio track of 1/2" VHS videotape.