Virtual Tour of Seminar Room # 3746

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Welcome to the University Library's Seminar Room # 3746 tour. Use this site to familiarize yourself with the facility and its capability.

For further information, refer back to Seminar Room # 3746 main page, or call: (847) 491-7770.

The approach to Seminar Room # 3746, 3rd floor, University Library, South Tower, including the intercom telephone.
A view of the Seminar Room from the front. The room seats 16 people.
A view of the Seminar Room from the back.
Seminar Room # 3746 is equipped with a large black board.
View of the audio-visual / videoconference equipment cabinet.
View of the open audio-visual / videoconference equipment cabinet.

Questions or comments? Call: (847) 491-7770.
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The audio-visual equipment in Seminar Room # 3746.
Marjorie I. Mitchell, donor and namesake of the Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center.