O'Hare@50: Acknowledgements

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The curator will like to thank the following colleagues for their dedication, passion and joy in making this exhibit a reality.
NU Transportation Library
Paul Burley
Ron Carrier
Joe Ellison
Mary Kay Geary
Dru Parrish
Brenda Simms
Suyeon (Summer) Son
Alexander Tapling
NU Digital Collections
Carolyn Caizzi
Sarah McVicar
Brendan Quinn
Helenmary Sheridan
Claire Stewart
Daniel Zellner
NU Library
John Blosser
Jeffrey Garrett
Kevin Leonard
Sarah Pritchard
Geoffrey Swindells
NU Library Technology Division
Anisha Blumenberg
Fabiano Leal
NU Qatar
Michell Hackwelder
Karen Holt
Curator: Roberto A. Sarmiento, Head, Transportation Library 

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