O'Hare@50: Oddities

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In many ways, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport is much more than a destination. Throughout its history, travelers, visitors and citizens of the Chicago-area - and the world - have in their own fashion claimed or become a part of this shared history. Here are some examples of what people have done with O’Hare.

Videos, Movies and Comics
  • Some examples of vintage films: this 1965 gem shows propeller and jet airplanes on the tarmac, as well as, people on the outside terrace. A 1971 film shows an expansive view of the airport from the control tower.
  • This more recent video taken from within an airplane as it is landing (which is totally illegal!) shows a seldom viewed perspective for most passengers.
  • From the O’Hare X-Files we have the 2006 radar and audio recording of a reported UFO sighted by a pilot on the air and discussed with the air traffic controller.
  • What was probably an average night at O’Hare looks chaotic on this 2012 time-lapse video.
  • For something completely different, here is a list of movies in which O’Hare make cameo appearances.
  • Have you ever wondered in how many Marvel Comics issues have O’Hare been part of the plot? Well, we have and you can now find the answer here.
O’Hare for Sale[1]
  • For those who really want to show their love, how about some ORD stickers?
  • We all have heard them live, but now you can take them home! How about an O’Hare Main Terminal sound effects recording?
  • And for the real aficionado, his/her own copy of blog entries and analysis the 2006 UFO incident
Odds & Ends
The Big Finish Quiz
  • This being an academic institution, there has to be a quiz! So, test your O’Hare knowledge by taking this Chicago Tribune sponsored trivia quiz.

[1] Please note that Northwestern University does not endorse any of these items. They are listed here for informational purposes only.

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