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The images in the slide show were extracted from the following sources:
Burke, Ralph H. Master plan of Chicago Orchard (Douglas) Airport. Chicago Ill.: R.H. Burke, 1948.
 title page (pdf page 7)  pdf page 183  pdf page 181
 pdf page 62  page 88 (pdf page 212)  page 25 (pdf page 68)
O'Donnel, James P., Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Naess & Murphy and Landrum & Brown. Chicago O’Hare International Airport Engineering Report: First Stage Development Program. Chicago: The Authors, 1958.
 page 2 (pdf page 13)  page 4 (pdf page 17)  page 30 (pdf page 51)
 page 32 (pdf page 55)  page 36 (pdf page 61)  page 38 (pdf page 65)
 page 46 (pdf page 77)  page 50 (pdf page 83)  page 58 (pdf page 93)


Burke, Ralph H. O’Hare Field, Chicago International Airport: Plan "C" Development: Initial Stage, Stage II, Stage III. Chicago: City of Chicago, 1954. 

 pdf page 27  pdf page 28  
Charles F. Murphy (Firm). Chicago O’Hare International Airport: Revenue Bond Improvement Program. Chicago, Ill.: Charles F. Murphy, consulting engineer, 1962.
 page 11 (pdf page 16)

Chicago (Ill.) Dept. of Aviation. O’Hare International Airport . Annual Report. Chicago, Ill.: Dept. of Aviation, 1963.

 page 4 (pdf page 12)

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