Transportation Current Awareness Program

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Welcome to the Transportation Library's Current Awareness Program, designed to provide access to current literature, in transportation and law enforcement, as requested by the faculties of the Transportation Center and the Center for Public Safety. Our program is composed of two distinct sources:

New Books - monographs entererd into the Transportation Library's collection within the last two months.

Articles:The Transportation Library would like to help you keep abreast of your professional journals. 

Some of our journals exist in electronic format.  To determine which these are, simply conduct a search in our catalog, NUTran. Conduct a journal title search.  If the journal for which you are searching exists in an electronic format, a link to that electronic format will appear in the record. In some instances you will be connected to the full -text articles and in other cases you will be connected to the electronic tables-of-content. If you are connected to the full-text article, your search is over. If you are connected to the tables-of-content, you need only choose which articles you wish to have sent to you, send us the list, and we will send the entire articles to you, via e-mail.

Many of our journals exist only in print format.  In that case, send us the list of journals in which you are interested.  With each new issue, we will send you a table-of-contents, via e-mail.  Send us back the list of articles in which you are interested and we will send you back the full-text of the articles, via e-mail.  Copyright laws prohibit us from copying and sending on the entire contents of a given issue.