Document Delivery and ILL Services

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Document Delivery/ Interlibrary Loan Contact:

Joe Ellison, Document Delivery & Digital Initiatives Assistant

Document Delivery Service
Transportation Library
Northwestern University Library
1970 Campus Drive
Evanston IL 60208-2300

phone: (847) 491-8600
fax: (847) 491-8601


REQUEST METHODS: OCLC, email from Adobe Acrobat using our pdf form (Form requires Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Pro), Apple Preview does not support Adobe forms.), telephone, fax (letter or ALA form), mail (letter or ALA form), onsite

CONSORTIAL PARTICIPATION: We are participants in the CIC, SHARES, TKN, LSTR, and ILLINET ILL agreements.

REQUESTS REFERRED: Northwestern University Library (NUL) ILL Department reciprocal agreement libraries (referred to NUL ILL Dept.)


Place a Request On-Line

Northwestern Faculty, Staff or Student, affiliated with the Transportation Center or the Center for Public Safety?
Please email your requests to, or call the library at 847-491-5273. We will supply scanned articles and book chapters from material in our collection and borrow materials for you from other libraries.

Faculty, staff, or student at another university?
Please place your requests through your university library's Interlibrary Loan office.

Not affiliated with Northwestern nor with another university? SPSC student currently enrolled in a class not on the Northwestern campus?
Use our online form to request material from the Transportation Library. 
(Form requires Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Pro), Apple Preview does not support Adobe forms.) SPSC students, please note your class number in the Special Instructions box.
Consult our fee schedule for this service.

Fee Schedule
Effective September 1, 2014
  Full reciprocal agreements and currently enrolled off-site SPSC students ILLINET Libraries; specified libraries
and individuals 3
All other libraries and independent researchers
in the USA 4
All other libraries and independent researchers outside the USA
Loans 1 $0.00 /loan

$0.00 /loan


$35.00/loan (includes $15.00 shipping fee)

Scanned Copies
$0.00 /article

$15.00 per article, up to 50 pages

$15.00 per article,
up to 50 pages

$15.00 per article,
up to 50 pages

Rush Surcharge 2 n/a




Surcharge, shipping over 3 pounds n/a



shipping fee may be charged for packages too heavy to ship using flat rate shipping

Invoicing surcharge n/a $5.00 $5.00 $5.00
cost in IFLA vouchers (for international libraries unable to pay through IFM or credit card)       Loans, 3.5 vouchers
Scans, 1.5 vouchers
  1. Loan charges apply to a monograph in its entirety, whether a single volume or a monographic set (e.g., a 3-volume set incurs a single loan charge). Those serials that circulate, such as proceedings and yearbooks, are loaned on a per issue basis (i.e. one year's proceedings, or one year's yearbook incurs a single loan charge, but multiple years' worth of yearbooks incur multiple loan charges).
  2. Rush surcharge applies per request. See below for details and applicability of rush service charges.
  3. Specified libraries and individuals include non-LSTR, non-TKN national, federal, state and local government transportation agency libraries and employees; NU Center for Public Safety (Traffic Institute) graduates; NU Transportation Center BAC members; and organizations which deposit their reports with us. Contact the library for more information.
  4. Includes national, federal, state, and local government non-transportation agency libraries and employees, transit agency libraries, police officers.


Provides 48-hour turnaround time from receipt of request to shipping.

Provides same day turnaround for requests received by 3:00 PM Central Time, next day by noon for requests received between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

One rush charge applies to a total request of up to 5 items. Each increment of up to 5 items incurs a new rush charge. Shipping charges apply as stated below.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staff shortages or priorities within the work unit, there may be times when we are unable to respond to a request within the standard time schedules. Patrons will be notified when this is the case and offered the option to either withdraw their request and seek the item elsewhere or to wait until we are able to respond to the request. When there is a delay in response time, requests will be processed in the order in which they were received.


We lend books, government reports, theses or dissertations, annual reports, audiovisual and computer materials, microforms, and American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) papers.
We generally will not lend periodicals, reference or reserve books, loose-leaf volumes, Center for Public Safety term papers, fragile, or high-use materials.
For loans requested while the patron is in the Transportation Library, materials may be borrowed ONLY on Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM.

Loans to CIC libraries are due 12 weeks from their shipping date. All other loans are due 8 weeks from their shipping date. We do not offer renewals. In place of renewals, at our discretion we may offer a new loan under the same terms as the original loan, including a new loan fee.

The due date supplied with a loan is the date on which the material is due back at the library.
A first overdue notice is sent by email when a loan is one week overdue. Second and third overdue notices are sent when the loan is two and three weeks overdue, respectively.
We request the borrower to at least acknowledge receipt of the notice.

After three overdue notices, the material is considered lost. At that time a lost item bill for the replacement cost, a $10.00 collection fee per item, and a $10.00 processing fee per item is mailed to the borrower. If a replacement cost cannot be identified, the lost book charge will be $125.00 per volume, plus a $10.00 collection fee per item, and a $10.00 processing fee per item. All fees except the collection fees are forgiven if the item is subsequently returned.
Collection fees are still due, even if the material is returned.

CIC loans are shipped via UPS from Northwestern's Main ILL office.
ILLINET loans are shipped via ILDS.
All other loans up to 3 lbs. are shipped at no additional cost via UPS ground.
Shipment of loans over 3 lbs. via UPS ground incurs a shipping fee of $8.00. Multiple fees may apply for packages over 6 lbs. UPS ground shipments may also be billed to the patron's UPS account number or to a third party account number.
Outside the U.S. loans are shipped via Global Priority Flat Rate for a flat $15.00 fee.
UPS express services and FedEx shipping are available upon request, and must be billed to the patron's account or to a third party account. See the UPS and FedEx web sites to open a personal account if you do not have one prior to requesting express shipping.
We prefer that all returns be sent via a traceable shipping method.
We regret that we are unable to offer messenger pickup of requested materials.
We do not ship anything Library Rate.


We will scan single articles and conference papers within copyright law and guidelines. We will not scan entire books or reports regardless of length, or entire periodical issues.

Our standard delivery method for copies is as electronic documents, using Odyssey or OCLC Article Exchange (web posting with e-mail notification). Copies delivered via Article Exchange will be available for up to 30 days on OCLC's Article Exchange web site. We will fax copies to patrons who do not have access to any form of electronic delivery, and mail to those who also have no fax access. If the material will not produce a satisfactory scan or fax, or at the patron's request, copies up to 11 oz. may be shipped via Priority Mail at no additional charge. If a delivery method other than Odyssey, Article Exchange, or fax (Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx) is requested  for copies over 11 oz, Priority Mail shipping will be charged at cost.
UPS and FedEx shipments must be billed to the patron's account number or to a third party account. See lending shipping policies for details on UPS and FedEx.



The Document Delivery service provides free loans to SPSC class members. We can only lend books owned by the Transportation Library. We will ship such loans to near-site and off-site class members upon request. Books borrowed through Document Delivery should be returned to Document Delivery. This borrowing privilege is also available after the course has been completed.

Currently enrolled off-site SPSC class members receive free copies of all articles or chapters from material held in the Transportation Library as required for their class projects. After completion of the SPSC course, copies will be provided for a fee of $15.00 each.


We prefer payment by OCLC Interlibrary Fee Management (IFM). All requests not paid through IFM incur a $5.00 invoicing surcharge.
Invoices are issued weekly, on the Monday following the week in which the service was provided. They are payable upon receipt in U.S. dollars only (no stamps, no foreign currency checks or money orders), by check or credit card (American Express, MasterCard, and Visa). Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank, include a valid ABA 9-digit routing number, and be made out to Transportation Library. To pay by credit card, please call the Document Delivery office.
We will accept IFLA coupons from international libraries unable to pay by any other means. The current exchange rate for IFLA vouchers is 1 voucher = $12. We charge 1.5 vouchers for 1 article, and 3.5 vouchers for 1 international loan, inclusive of shipping charges.

Please remit invoiced payments to:
EVANSTON, IL 60208-2300

A first past due notice is sent to the borrower when an invoice is unpaid three months after issue. Second and third past due notices are sent at four and five months after issue, respectively. Invoices remaining unpaid after three notices result in the loss of request privileges. Privileges may be restored at the discretion of the library once all outstanding invoices are paid.