SPSC Information Literacy Resources

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This page was created by the Transportation Library for students and instructors of the Northwestern University Center For Public Safety's School of Police Staff and Command.

Schedule of current and upcoming SPSC classes

SPSC Information Literacy Class Outline:

  • Times are approximate and vary according to each instructional situation.
  • Introduction: Review of handouts; goals of class, etc. (10 mins)
  • Power Point Presentation-Information Literacy (on-going throughout the class).
  • Introduction to concept of Information Literacy (10 mins).
  • Demonstration of NUcat (10 mins) - Searching the catalog of the Northwestern University Libraries.
  • Demonstration of TRAN (10 mins) - Searching for articles indexed in TRANweb
  • Demonstration of NCJRS (10mins) - Connecting to and searching the NCJRS document database.
  • Break (10 mins)
  • Review and demonstration of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice e-resources (60 minutes).
  • Break (10 mins)
  • Locating Materials Locally (30 mins) - How to find research materials in local libraries and order materials from the Transportation Library (Offsite classes only).
  • Evaluating information.(10-15 mins)
  • Search Strategy exercise (30-40mins, depending on size of class)
  • Library Tour, after class, is optional (20 mins).

Handouts for Onsite and Offsite Classes:

Reference Service For Currently Enrolled SPSC students only:

Contact Roberto Sarmiento, Head Librarian for the Transportation Library of Northwestern University for reference assistance, at:


Links to Library Resources

  • NU Transportation Library -- home page
  • Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Subject Guide -- electronic databases
  • NUsearch -- The online catalog of the Northwestern University Libraries, including the Transportation Library.
  • NUTranLit -- An index of articles in the Transportation Library's periodicals collection, covering law enforcement, as well as searching limited to Transportation Library's materials within NUsearch.
  • Interlibrary Loan --All current remote SPSC students may request material from our library. Email ill-borrow@northwestern.edu to request books and articles. You must identify yourself as a current student, and give your name, department affiliation, and class number.
  • NCJRS Document Database -- A Web-accessible database containing summaries of criminal justice literature, government reports, journal articles, books, and more.