Northwestern University Archives Football Films Collection

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The Northwestern University Archives holds many hundreds of hours’-worth of football films, dating from 1929 to the recent past. Our goal is to digitize these films, some of which are fragile, and to make them available to fans of college football all over the world.  Below you will find what has been done so far--an exciting selection of game films, including the 1949 Rose Bowl game, and the notorious 1982 Lake the Posts game.
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This site will be updated as more films are digitized—so please check back frequently.

Each link below leads to one of the football films (through YouTube). Please note that some games consist of more than one reel.  We have also included links to the program covers and rosters, when available.

Date Game


Program Cover, Rosters, Notes

 NU v Indiana

IND 19-14 Program cover & roster
1930 NU at Minnesota NU 27-6  
1931 NU at OSU  reel 1 NU 10-0  
  NU at OSU  reel 2    
1931 Season Highlights  n/a  
1935 NU at Notre Dame NU 14-7  
1936 NU v Minnesota NU 6-0 Program cover & roster
 1936 NU v Minnesota   Same game as above with more game footage
1937 NU v Michigan NU 7-0  Program cover & roster
1938 NU at Illinois NU 13-0  
1939 NU v Wisconsin NU 13-7  
1940  NU v Minnesota MINN 13-12  Program cover & roster
1940 NU v Illinois NU 32-14  
1941 NU v Kansas State NU 51-3  
1941 NU v Wisconsin NU 41-14  
1941 NU v Indiana NU 20-14  
1943 NU v Great Lakes NU 13-0  Program cover & roster
1943 NU v Minnesota NU 42-6  
1943 NU v Indiana NU 14-6  
1945 NU v Iowa State NU 18-6

Program cover & roster

1948 NU at UCLA NU 19-0  
1948 NU v Syracuse NU 48-0  Program cover & roster
1948 NU at Wisconsin NU 16-7  
1949 NU v U Cal ROSE BOWL NU 20-14 Program cover & roster
1950 NU v Illinois NU 14-7 Program cover & roster
1951 NU v Army NU 20-14 Program cover & roster
1951 NU v Navy NU 16-7  Program cover & roster
1955 NU v Illinois TIE 7-7  Program cover & roster
1956 NU v Purdue NU 14-0  
1956 NU v Illinois NU 14-13  Program cover & roster
1959 NU v Oklahoma NU 45-13  Program cover & roster
1959 NU at Michigan

NU 20-7

1959 NU at Notre Dame NU 30-24  
1962 Practice game-1st reel n/a  
  Practice game-2nd reel    
  Practice game-3rd reel    
  Practice game-4th reel    
1962 NU  v Illinois-1stQ NU 45-0 Program cover & roster
  NU v Illinois-2ndQ    
  NU v Illinois-3rdQ    
  NU v Illinois-4thQ    
1962 NU at Wisconsin-1st reel WI 37-6  
  NU at Wisconsin-2nd reel    
  NU at Wisconsin-3rd reel    
  NU at Wisconsin-4th reel    
1962 NU v Notre Dame-1stQ NU 35-6 Program cover & roster
  NU v Notre Dame-2ndQ    
  NU v Notre Dame-3rdQ    
  NU v Notre Dame-4thQ    
1962 NU at Indiana--1st reel NU 26-21  
   NU at Indiana--2nd reel    
   NU at Indiana--3rd reel    
   NU at Indiana--4th reel    
  NU at Indiana--5th reel    
1963 NU at Missouri NU 23-12  
1963 NU v Miami (OH)-1st reel NU 37-6  
  NU v Miami (OH)-2nd reel
  NU v Miami (OH)-3rd reel    
  NU v Miami (OH)-4th reel    
1967 NU v Miami (FL)-1stQ NU 12-7 Program cover & roster
  NU v Miami (FL)-2ndQ    
  NU v Miami (FL)-3rdQ    
  NU v Miami (FL)-4thQ    
1969 NU v Wisconsin-1st reel NU 27-7  
  NU v Wisconsin-2nd reel    
  NU v Wisconsin-3rd reel    
  NU v Wisconsin-4th reel    
1970 NU v  Illinois-1st reel NU 48-0  
  NU v  Illinois-2nd reel    
  NU v  Illinois-3rd reel    
  NU v  Illinois-4th reel    
1970 NU v Minnesota-1stQ NU 41-20 Program cover & roster
  NU v Minnesota-2ndQ    
  NU v Minnesota-3rdQ    
  NU v Minnesota-4thQ    
1971 NU v Michigan St.-1stQ NU 28-7 Program cover & roster
  NU v Michigan St.-2ndQ    
  NU v Michigan St.-3rdQ    
  NU v Michigan St.-4thQ    
1973 NU v Iowa NU 31-15  
1979 NU v Wyoming-1st reel NU 27-22  
  NU v Wyoming-2nd reel    
  NU v Wyoming-3rd reel    
  NU v Wyoming-4th reel    
1981 NU v MSU-1st reel MSU 61-19  
  NU v MSU-2nd reel    
  NU v MSU-3rd reel    
  NU v MSU-4th reel    
1982 NU v Northern IL-1stQ NU 31-6 Program cover & roster
  NU v Northern IL-2ndQ    
  NU v Northern IL-3rdQ    
  NU v Northern IL-4thQ    
1986 NU v Mich State-1st reel   NU 24-21
  NU v Mich State-2nd reel    
  NU v Mich State-3rd reel    
  NU v Mich State-4th reel    


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