Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge

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Location: Main Library, Third Floor, South Tower

Scheduling: The Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge is available during hours the Library is open to members of the Northwestern University faculty, administration, and Library staff for special receptions and other formal social events.

The Ver Steeg Lounge may not be scheduled by students or used for events attended primarily by students (either graduate or undergraduate). Under University Policy, the Ver Steeg Lounge also cannot be used for political events involving fund-raising or planning or participating in a political campaign.

To schedule the Ver Steeg Lounge, please contact Emily Kelley, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. at 491-7640 or at Library staff may also schedule Ver Steeg Lounge through Outlook.

Maximum Occupancy: Seated lecture: 41 people; standing room for 70-100 people.

Description: The Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge has movable sectional couches and chairs. The lounge is carpeted and has incandescent lighting. It is equipped with a small prep area with a sink and a mini fridge. The lounge is accessible to people with disabilities. Restrooms are also available within the lounge.

Audio Visual Equipment: None. The Ver Steeg Lounge is not intended for events that require the use of audio visual equipment. Lighting conditions in the room during daylight hours make it difficult to see slides or overhead transparencies. Users who require audio visual equipment in the Ver Steeg Lounge must make their own arrangements. AV equipment is available through Norris Sound and Sight Services at 491-2335.

Computer Equipment: None. There is a poduim with a microphone.

Networking: Ethernet connection & wireless internet access.

Special Regulations for Use of the Ver Steeg Lounge:

  1. Attendance at special events must be by personal invitation only and is limited to a maximum of 100 people. Open invitiations may not be issued in the public news media, including The Daily Northwestern.
  2. Sponsors of events are responsible for the appropriate use of the Lounge and for the good condition of the room following the event. All service items and food must be removed, waste collected and areas cleaned by the sponsor of the event. Care
    should be taken to protect wooden tabletops from beverages and foods. Sponsors are responsible for moving furniture for their needs. Any signage must be taken down after event.
  3. No additional furniture may be brought into the Lounge.
  4. Sponsors are held responsible for providing all food and beverages, table service, and utensils and for set-up and clean-up as well as any electrical cords, microphones etc they may need for their event.
  5. Sponsors serving alcoholic beverages are responsible for complying with all state and local regulations.
  6. Deliveries of refreshments and equipment may be made to the Receiving Room Dock of the Library between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday only. Items must be moved from the Receiving Room to the Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge during these same hours. The latest that caterers can exit the dock is 4:30pm, when the dock closes. Deliveries are not allowed Saturdays or Sundays.
  7. The sponsor of the event must meet the caterer at the receiving room. Care must be taken to be as quiet as possible when bringing food through the library to the lounge. All liquids must have secured covers. No food requiring open-flame heating (i.e. sterno-heated chafing dishes) may be used.
  8. The Library staff is not able to provide any service for events, i.e., moving of room furniture, delivery or preparation of refreshments, or cleaning up after an event.
  9. The Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge is not designed for audiovisual presentations and audiovisual equipment is not available for use in this room. If you chose to bring in your own equipment, you must supply your own accessories. We are not
    responsible for loss or theft of any items in the room.