Qatar Library Services

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The NU-Q Library offers a growing number of services to support the interests and research endeavors of our university community.

General services:

Key services for students:  

Even the most professional scholars consult librarians when they get stuck. We exist to show you how to find original sources that will help you stand out from your classmates.

Other information you might find helpful:

  • Borrower limits
  • Interlibrary loans - if we don't have what you need at NU-Q Library, we can borrow it from another library
  • Recommend an addition to the library collection - we encourage you to recommend items which will help you in your studies at NU-Q. Fill out a suggestion form at the help desk.
  • Equipment in the library - available equipment includes printing/photoopying/scanning facilities, DVD/VHS players for movie viewing, headphones, computers to search the library catalog and view electronic resources.
  • Fines and Fees

Key services for faculty and staff:

NU-Q Library provides access to a wealth of library resources and services. All the resources you are used to accessing in the U.S. are available here - either in the collection (electronic or print) or via our regular interlibrary loans service within Education City, Northwestern University and beyond. We value your recommendations to our collection and appreciate your subject expertise in helping grow the collection.

Research skills sessions are offered both in the classroom embedded in student courses and as one-on-one research consultations in the library. We encourage you to contact us to organize sessions for your students. In addition, please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your individual research and professional needs.

Contact us:

Recommend items for the collection

You are encouraged to recommend items for our collection. We rely on your subject expertise to ensure our students have the most appropriate resources for their studies and leisure needs. We also appreciate that you have leisure needs and so will attempt to fulfill these as appropriate.
To recommend items for the collection, email requests to Michell Hackwelder.

Course Reserves

If you have high use items that you'd like us to place on Reserve for your students, we're happy to do this. Forms are available at the Library help desk or we can send you an online copy. Loan periods for Reserve are two hours.

Research Assistance

We have access to a huge range of research tools at Northwestern. We are happy to come to your office and help you identify key library research resources. Contact Gill Westera for an appointment.

We also appreciate your forwarding students to us for research assistance with their research projects.

In addition, students are encouraged to follow up a class visit from Nikki with an individual research consultation tailored to their information-gathering needs.

Library Instruction

Schedule in-class instruction sessions to introduce students to key search strategies and evaluation techniques specific to your course projects. We are also happy to create content for your Blackboard course - and may already have useful resources that can be linked to. Evidence shows that targeted library instruction influences student approaches to research and encourages them to think more creatively about their search for information. We'd love to help prove this!
Schedule a personalized instruction session for your students with Nikki Krysak.

Community Borrowers

While NU-Q Library caters primarily for our students, faculty and staff, community membership is available.

Membership is available to residents 18 years of age or older who are not faculty/staff/students from another Education insittution with a library or from another higher education institution with a library in Qatar. Please check the community borrower information sheet to see if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you are welcome to print out the community borrower membership form and bring it in with your exact payment in cash and citizen/resident ID.

You may also want to check the borrower limit information.

Fines and Fees

Borrowers are expected to return items in a timely fashion. Fines and fees are calculated during holidays and breaks, so be sure to return all items ahead of time.

Late fees will be applied as follows:

Overdue Fines*
Books 3.64 QR/day
DVDs 7.28 QR/day
*Your account is blocked if you owe 218 QR or more.

Lost Item Fees
DVDs +10 days and books +30 days overdue are considered “LOST”.
You will be fined a minimum of 218 QR per LOST item pending the original cost of the item.