Options if Book is at Google

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Because of the scope and duration of the Google Book Digitization Project, occasionally the book you are looking for may be at Google and therefore out of the library.   In such cases, there are options for obtaining a copy of the book:

1.        If you need the book immediately, follow this link to the Library's Interlibrary Loan Department and borrow the book from another institution. 
2.       If you do not need the book immediately, visit the Circulation Department and place a "hold" on the book.   You will be notified when the book returns from Google, and we will have the book waiting for you to pick up.
3.       You may also want to check Google Books or HathiTrust, as it is possible that the book you want is already available in digital format. If the book is already available digitally, be sure to check the edition, as it may not be the same version that is in our collection.
If you are not affiliated with Northwestern University, please contact your home institution's interlibrary loan department, and ask them to request the book from a library other than Northwestern, or use option 3) above. For those who are not affiliated with a specific institution, please contact your public library's interlibrary loan department.
If you have any questions, please contact googlequestions@northwestern.edu