University Rankings

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NU is On Top of the World—29th out of 500; and even higher among U.S. private and public college rankings. ARWU lists Northwestern as 29th in Academic Rankings of 500 universities worldwide in 2010. The social sciences—especially economics and business—enjoy particularly high rankings along with Engineering and Chemistry. (Note: Not all subject fields are evaluated.)

Meanwhile, Forbes' "America's Best Colleges" declares Northwestern to be 10th among all U.S. private colleges, and 11th among all institutions. NU has also had an average overall ranked score of 12 in the past 10 years, from U.S. News , among all U.S. private and public colleges, and has been in the top 15 since the early 1990s. See Rankings: University to view almost 20 years of ranking scores of colleges and universities from this source