New Library Google Project Management Team (GPMT)

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Reporting to the Administrative Committee, the Google Project Management Team (GPMT) is responsible for facilitating the NU libraries' (NUL) involvement in the Google Book Search digitization project, coordinating assigned phases of work, and ensuring timely completion of all processes. The GPMT will ensure that appropriate consultation, communication, and reporting happens during all phases of the project. All the members of the GPMT will have specific responsibility for managing aspects of the project or for carrying out project work.

The members and their roles:

Senior Partners and Co-leaders of the GPMT: Scott Devine, Suzette Radford
Access Services/Circ Lead: Ivan Albertson
Preservation/Conservation Lead: Katie Risseeuw
IT Lead: Gary Strawn
Collections Lead General Collections/Communications: Harriet Lightman
Collections Lead Special Collections/Communications: Roberto Sarmiento
Catalog Management Lead: Michael Babinec
Galter Health Sciences Library representatives: Michelle Frisque, Kurt Munson
Pritzker Legal Research Center representatives: Audrey Chapuis, Eloise Vondruska
Liaison to Administrative Committee: Marianne Ryan