Special Collections Acquires Rare Bob Dylan Program

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On November 4, 1961 Bob Dylan played his first formally promoted New York City concert at the Carnegie Chapter Hall. Dylan had played in NYC coffee houses prior to this event, but this was his first formal gig, and this rare brochure advertised both this show and other Folklore Center happenings. It also contains some autobiographical notes by the 19 year old Dylan, including the argument-ending statement "I dress the way I do because I want to dress this way and not because it is cheaper or easier."   The concert was produced by Izzy Young, who ran the Folklore Center and was helpful to Dylan in this and other instances at the beginning of Dylan's career. About fifty people attended the show. A recording of Dylan singing Woody Guthrie's song "This Land is Your Land" at this concert surfaced many years later and can be heard on Volume 7 of the Bob Dylan Bootleg series, "No Direction Home"