IU and NUL Receive an IMLS Grant to Build an Open Source Video Managment System

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The Indiana University Libraries, in partnership with Northwestern University Library, recently received a $947,963 grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to create a freely available open source software system to enable academic libraries and archives to easily provide online access to their video and audio collections.

This project, known as Variations on Video (VoV), will be based in IU’s Digital Library Program and past success in developing the open source Variations digital music library system, now in use at over 20 colleges and universities beyond IU, and on Northwestern’s long history of expertise in video digitization and delivery.

The work on VoV will leverage NUL’s recent acceptance as a partner in the Hydra Project and the work currently being done for image workflow on the Production Support Delivery System (PSDS) and the Digital Image Library (DIL) (see below for PSDS/DIL update).

Participants from several additional institutions will collaborate and advise on the project, including Stanford University, University of Virginia, New York University, Harvard University, University of Connecticut, University of Miami, University of York (U.K.), WGBH/Boston, University of California Berkeley, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Representatives from the Hydra Project and Opencast Matterhorn, two higher education open source initiatives focused on digital library and media content management will also participate.

NUL staff written into the grant are:
Stu Baker – Principal Investigator and Project Director
Steve DiDomenico – Software Development Manager
Bill Parod - Lead repository architect
Claire Stewart – Product Manager
Mike Stroming – Senior Software Developer
NUL will also hire a developer for the first two years of the 3-year IMLS grant.