Think before you print

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Northwestern University Library  encourages all students and staff to "Think before you print" during April for PaperLESS Month. 2012 marks the third annual PaperLESS Month sponsored by the Library Environmental Committee.
Our goal this year is to match last year's achievement, when we surpassed our goal of reducing printing in the library by 10% by an additional 15% for a total 25% print rate reduction!

Library printing statistics show that about 90% of printing comes from the public areas, so do your part to help us meet our goal for 2012: 
    Use "Print Preview" and print only what you need.
    "Print" to PDF using CutePDF or Adobe Acrobat Writer.
    Save to a flash drive or e-mail documents to yourself.
    Print on both sides of the paper and use narrower margins.
For more information on paperLESS Month at Northwestern University Library, call (312) 503-6379.