Hidden Treasures of Northwestern University Library Exhibit Opens

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The exhibit Hidden Treasures of Northwestern University Library opened last week in the Library's main exhibit space on the first floor. It is based on a "Hidden Treasures" feature that has been running in the quarterly library newsletter Footnotes for several years. This newsletter column regularly showcases collection curators' selections of rare, significant, or just very cool objects that people might be surprised to find in the Library.

Exhibit curator Nina Barrett thanks collection curators Scott Krafft, David Easterbrook, D.J. Hoek, Roberto Sarmiento, Kevin Leonard, Beth Clausen, Geoff Swindells, and Harriet Lightman for their contributions to the Hidden Trea over the years. Many others were involved in the selection and collection of materials for this exhibit and also deserve thanks: Ann Aler, Paul Burley, Esmeralda Kale, Janet Olson, Yvonne Spura, and Sara Stigberg. Nora Davis  did a fantastic job imaginatively installing everything, including a pair of basketball shorts that stand up for themselves; Matt Stork’s four flying commercial airline models; and Melissa Jacobi’s daughter’s beloved NU Cheerleader Barbie. John Brdecka, Tonia Grafakos, Tom O’Connell, and Clare Roccaforte facilitated other parts of the exhibit process in critical ways.

Hidden Treasures will only run through March 15, but watch for the fantastic featured items to be on display again!