We want you! (your website, that is)

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Northwestern University Library is pleased to introduce the Northwestern University Web Archive, dedicated to the preservation of websites created by Northwestern’s many schools, departments, programs, and student organizations. This new service is a natural digital-age expansion of our existing mandate to preserve Northwestern history. It will complement current collections of manuscripts, correspondence, and records now being actively collected by Northwestern University Archives, preserving them for future generations. The new digital archive harvests content created by individuals associated with Northwestern, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni; web-based University publications; as well as sites of associated entities. Starting in July 2011, Northwestern University Archives began selecting websites for harvesting and permanent retention—133 so far—documenting academic, administrative, research, athletic, public service, and social activities reflecting the evolving nature of the university's web presence. Still, there are so many more that deserve to be included in this permanent digital archive: hence this appeal!
Archived copies of web sites are made available 30 days after their date of capture. The Northwestern University Web Archive was created using the Web Archiving Service, abbreviated “WAS,” of the California Digital Library. This service employs open source web archiving utilities developed by the Internet Archive with the support of the International Internet Preservation Consortium. WAS was made possible with support from the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program and the University of California
For more information about the project or to submit your site for consideration, contact Benn Joseph at b-joseph@northwestern.edu or (847) 491-3136.