Registration for Open House Chicago Tour is Open!

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One Book is providing another opportunity to explore Chicago! Open House Chicago is presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation: 150 cool places in 13 neighborhoods. Visit for details.

On October 13th, One Book will provide free transportation to Chinatown, Hyde Park and The Loop via school bus or NU shuttle.  Please Click Here to sign up online. Please rank your preference. If we do not have enough people for one bus, we reserve the right to put you with another group. The buses will be loaded in front of 619  Emerson between Sheridan and Orrington.

Open House Chicago is Saturday, October 13th.  All of the places are free and open to the public. One Book will be providing free transportation. If you think you will want to stop and grab something to eat while visiting the sites, you will be responsible for that expense. Food is not included!

• The day begins with meeting at 619 Emerson (between Orrington and Sheridan at 11:30 am) -- don't be late or you may miss your bus into the city!  All groups should be back on the Evanston campus by 6 pm.

• Please remember that you will be walking and outside, so wear casual, comfortable (but appropriate) clothes and shoes.  If the weather forecast on that day calls for rain, plan accordingly.

• Bring only essentials.  Remember things like your keys, a wildcat card, cell phone, cash and maybe a water bottle.  Bags and backpacks really aren't necessary, and could accidentally get left behind -- so use your discretion.  

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore hidden treasures in the city.

(Nancy M. Cunniff, One Book One Northwestern Project Coordinator)