D.J. Hoek Cited in 2012 "Excellence in Research"

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Congratulations to D.J. Hoek, Northwestern's Music Librarian, on being featured in the University's 2012 "Excellence in Research" report!

This annual showcase of research across all disciplines at Northwestern highlights the work of about thirty prominent scholars, many at the peak of their careers, others just setting out with promising and exciting new perspectives. The portrait of D.J. (p. 28) presents his work on the Dial Record archive at the University of Texas at Austin, with the goal not only of understanding the complex relationships of classical and jazz musicians in the 1940s and 50s, but also to detect influences linking these two seemingly so disparate musical idioms.

D.J. began this research during 2010-11 as the library fellow at the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, and presented his research at a prominent professional meeting last year in Rochester, New York. An extensive article with his findings is currently in press and will be appearing this spring in ARSC Journal, the journal of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.