The NU Transportation Center Digital Collection

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The Northwestern University Transportation Library (NUTL), in partnership with Northwestern University Transportation Center (NU-TC), recently completed the digitization of 86 of the Center’s reports.

This digitization project represents only a fraction of all NU-TC published reports. The collection covers all modes of transportation: air, rail, inland waters, and roads. Additionally, these resources provide coverage across numerous interdisciplinary subjects, including transportation and other societal networks, labor relations, government regulations, information technology, accidents, nanotechnology, etc.

Since 1954, the Center has been recognized as a leading interdisciplinary education and research institution.  It is dedicated to the long-term improvement of domestic and international systems for the movements of materials, people, energy, and information. NU-TC serves industry, government, and the public through its research, through Northwestern's graduate-level degree programs, and through other educational and outreach programs.

To view the NU-TC Digital Collection please go here.

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