The O'Hare Family

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The stereotype of things in Chicago is that it wouldn't be a Chicago institution without a connection to organized crime. In the case of O'Hare International Airpot, this holds true. The airport, originally named Orchard Field, was renamed in 1949 to honor World War II hero Butch O'Hare. He attended the Naval Academy at Annapolis, graduating in 1937. He trained as a Naval fighter pilot. After Pearl Harbor, he was sent to war in the South Pacific, where his plane was shot down near Tarawa Island in 1943.

His family, however, has an illustrious history of a different sort. His father, known as Easy Eddie O'Hare, was Al Capone's lawyer and partner in crime. It seems that Butch's admission to Annapolis hinged on his father's becoming the FBI informant who helped them bring Capone to justice.