Helicon Exhibit in Deering Entryway

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Helicon Literary Magazine, which began in a 1979 poetry class taught by Mary Kinzie, is the longest-running magazine of its kind at Northwestern. With over 40 volumes released as of 2013, the staff of Helicon partnered with the University Archives to put together a retrospective exhibit featuring each issue of Helicon, beginning with the first from 1980. 

Helicon is the premiere venue for Northwestern undergraduates' finest prose, music, poetry, photography, short films, mixed media, drawings, and more. Its mission is to publish and promote the creation of excellent work from the student body. The staff of Helicon hosts a number of artistic events, including open mics, book readings, and art exhibits, in support of these goals. 

The exhibit, running from May 13 through June 22, is located just inside the recently-opened Deering Doors. The complete run of Helicon features the magazine's diverse cover designs, ranging from erudite and professional to whimsical, mournful, abstract, and vibrant. Included among the issues of Helicon are several comical flyers used to advertise events and submission periods during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. 

For more information about Helicon, visit:                                         

Spring 2013 Online Issue: heliconlitmag.com                                                                                                                                                            Official Website/Blog: nuhelicon.tumblr.com                                                                                                                                                                    Media Page: facebook.com/nuhelicon

We extend special thanks to:

Helicon staff members Alina Dunbar, Josh Aronson, Alex Lordahl, and Veronica Benduski; University Archivist Kevin Leonard, Acting Art Collection Public Services Librarian Sara Stigberg, and Conservation Technician Nora Davis from Northwestern Univeristy Library; and especially to the Office of Residential Colleges for their continued support of Helicon.