Channeling NU's History through Time & Space

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Ever wonder who Annie May Swift was? Who Rogers House was named for? Where the first gymnasium building at NU was located? Or what the corner of Chicago and Sheridan looked like in 1887?  NU Archives' new HistoryPin site offers 3 collections that can help answer these and many other pressing questions about NU and Evanston with photos and information, all pinned to the specific location on the map. You can choose to "tour" the site by map, list, or by the name of the "collection".

Northwestern Namesakes puts faces to the names of NU academic and administration buildings and residence halls. Lost Northwestern revives the buildings that are long gone from campus, and Alexander Hesler's Picturesque Evanston recreates the look of Evanston and NU back in 1887.

Find NU Archives' HistoryPin site at or go to, click the Channels tab, and type in Northwestern University.

Let your fingers do the walking, and sit back, enjoy the ride, and pick up a few useful facts! And of course if you want more information about these and other buildings, or anything connected to NU's exciting history, go beyond the virtual and stop by the University Archives.